Destination ‘I Do’s: Most Beautiful Wedding Locations in Canada

Did you know that less than 25% of all weddings we produce in Georgian Bay, Barrie, Muskoka and Cottage Country are from local couples? Most of our couples are distance couples seeking a personalized custom wedding in cottage country.

Why choose Cottage Country?

For starters, it’s absolutely stunning in all four seasons. You really cannot go wrong here! Secondly, Muskoka and Cottage Country have developed into some of the world’s leading destination wedding locations with access to freshwater lakes, rivers, forests and Canadian shield on display.

What Do I Need to Marry in Cottage Country?

You’ll need to be old enough to marry (yahoo!), have completed your marriage license documentation, and have proof of divorce or deceased spouse documentation.

Does a Wedding in Cottage Country have to look Rustic?

Heck no! Unless you want it to! Rustic is a theme, as is ‘luxury’, ‘chic’, ‘modern’ or ‘unique’. Just because it has ‘cottage’ in the name doesn’t mean your wedding has to be super rustic. We can create any vision of your big day you so desire!

Can I Use My Own Officiant?

Sadly, unless your Officiant is a licensed Minister, Priest, Pundit, etc he/she will not be able to perform the ceremony legally. We can assist you in having someone you love marry you and making sure it’s legal!

What Can I Expect of my Cottage Country Wedding?

You can expect it to look and feel like the wedding you’ve been envisioning. Together, we’ll create the look and feel of your big day before executing to perfection the vision. Expect magic. Expect beauty. Expect grace.

For whatever reason you find yourself wanting to marry in Muskoka, Barrie or Cottage Country – we look forward to welcoming you!

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