Glossary for Floral Design Planning

The best way to approach your wedding flower planning is with relevant information. This way, you might not feel so confused when chatting with your designer.  Be armed with the proper terms to describe your vision and be confident when having a discussion.


Personal Flowers (what a person would wear or carry)


Bouquets come in different shapes:

·        Hand-tied – most commonly used,usually in an upright style so all flowers are facing up

·        Cascade – about 20% of brides chose this style, designed in a bouquet holder so the bride holds a plastic handle,cflowers are front facing and draping down

·        Crescent – most often chosen by aless traditional bride, often a more artistic/dramatic style

·        Arm/Pageant – not a common choice, flowers are laid out to carry in the crook of the arm


Boutonnieres – What the Men wear

Corsages – What the Ladies wear

·        Wrist – most popular choice

·        Shoulder/Pin-on – preferred by older generation (often Grandmothers)

·        Purse – option for someone not comfortable wearing flowers, can be pinned/magnet to clutch purse

Ceremony Flowers

·        Alter/Focal arrangements –larger scale, often placed on pedestals/risers

·        Arbor/Arch/Chuppah Flowers –floral sprays attached to a structure

·        Aisle Markers – greenery or flowers/foliage/ribbons often attached to chairs/pew; can also be small vases hung off pews or shepherd hooks lining the aisle

Reception Flowers

·        Head table can be dressed with greenery or long, low arrangements

·        Guest tables centerpieces can be elevated (tall) or below sightlines

·        Cake flowers – may be provided by baker or designer may provide event blooms to decorate

Now that you are familiar with the various names/styles of wedding flowers, you can feel more confident meeting with a designer and chatting about the various options that might work best for you!

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