La Petite Mariage - The Little Wedding

This new normal we are living in has touched every aspect of our life.  We have shrunk our world to a small scale of what it used to be.  Our social circles have been whittled down to a handful of the absolute most important people to us, often just our immediate family.

This is being reflected in the wedding celebrations we are seeing.  Limits of 5– 10 people have been the norm over the last number of months.  Couples are still wanting to get married, and weddings are still happening.   But these weddings are looking considerably different than they did last year.

No longer are there guest counts of 200, receiving lines with hugs and kisses, large tables of people crowded together, packed dancefloors and buffet dinners.  

Now, it’s a couple with the officiant and 2 witnesses.  If restrictions permit, parents may also be there.  For the ones wanting to share the love, there may be a Zoom feed to allow others to takepart virtually.

All this doesn’t mean it can’t look as beautiful as a full-blown wedding.  On the contrary, people are making a bit more effort to dress up the small celebration with elements that help convey the beauty of the day.

The Ceremony site is often set up with a draped backdrop, or an arbor adorned in rambling foliage and blooms.  Bridal bouquets can be a bit more detailed or elaborate since this is one element that will definitely get photos.  Cocktail or guest tables can hold more candles or flowers since less people are being seated.  

We know this is what people are needing,and so we have created a new offering of scaled down beauty.  Our “La Petite Mariage”, meaning “The Little Wedding”, addresses this need, beautifully.  Click on the brochure pages below to see the details.

Then do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your details.  We’ll make it simple and beautiful!

Outdoor arbor at Belcroft Estates Marquee
Lush Bouquet
Cover Page of Brochure
Page 2 of Brochure

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