Love Lies Bleeding - A Styled Shoot

Being a designer is creatively rewarding. One can expand on a small idea and develop it into a whole concept. One small element can be the genesis of a whole lot of beauty, as seen in this shoot.

The creative nugget in this instance was a stone foundation ruin on the property of Grandview Golf Club Clublinks in Huntsville/Muskoka. I loved the idea of contrasting the broken rocks with elegant candelabras and chandeliers. Dripping greenery and abundant red blossoms would add a dramatic hit of colour against the natural granite.

Once I developed the concept, I reached out to some of my favorite wedding colleagues to help bring the session to life. Frances Morency was my first choice for photography, she has a great way with moody natural light.

Lindsay Nemeth is usually behind the camera when I'm working with her, but for this idea I felt she would be the ideal look for the model, so we had Milli, of Thiso Makeup, glam her up beautifully and we put Lindsay in front this time.

One of my favorite cake artists is Michelle Head of Cakey Bakey Boutique, (who is no longer living in Canada, but has returned to the UK) was able to craft not one, but three, dramatic cakes to fit my vision.

Then, our super talented "friendor", Katie Williams Design Co brought in a lovely coordinated invitation suite.

It all looks gorgeous and glamorous now, but at the time, we were building in the pouring rain, carrying heavy glass tabletops, chandeliers, iron table and chairs, not to mention scaling the broken stone wall to strap 3 chandeliers off a metal bar. And, in the midst of all this rotten weather, the wind started up, causing one of the heavy candelabras, sitting on the top of the wall, to blow over smashing the glass tabletop. I'm worn out just thinking about it....

But it all made for a beautiful shoot. So please do enjoy looking through these images!!

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