The Muskoka Wedding Difference

A Muskoka Wedding charm. It’s silent. So silent. You hear every footstep on the dock as your loved ones turn in awe of you. Radiant and glowing against the Muskoka sunshine, you drift towards your beloved by the water.

The scent of wildflowers drift on the breeze as you reach for their hand. This is it – you are getting married in Muskoka!

When it comes to unique celebrations, Muskoka, has been long sought after by couples from across the globe. “Cottage Country” to Ontarians, Muskoka is a vision of cut rock face, wild blue freshwater lakes and forests you can smell before you see. Quaint, intimate, luxurious – something for everyone awaits in Muskoka.

Couples often ask “What is the Muskoka Wedding difference? What makes it so special?” and we couldn’t help but respond:

1. Instagram-worthy Vistas
If you’re in love with Instagram-worthy vistas and photo ops you’ll find no shortage in Muskoka. We pride ourselves in unique spaces from the natural lakes/rivers/forests to our quaint and charming towns. Something for everyone.

2. Ease of Access
All roads lead to cottage country. We proudly denote that whether driving or flying there are multiple options to get you and your guests to “cottage country” for any celebration.

3. Variety of Venues
Private estates, log cabin rentals, resorts and hotels – you’ll have a wealth of accommodation options for every guest and every pricepoint. Fall in love with the 5* resort? There’s 3 airbnb’s, cottage rentals and other hotels nearby. Let guests choose and get the most out of their stay.

4. No shortage of Activities
Muskoka excels at outdoors. Summertime enjoy rock climbing, swimming, boating, and patios. Wintertime enjoy dogsledding, ski-doing, snowshoeing or hot toddies by the fireplace. A wealth of quaint shops for indulging your inner spender, luxurious spas for relaxation and fine dining make this a must-see destination.

5. Lush Local Blooms & Branches
Yes, we’ll say it here first but going green and being local run hand-in-hand with Muskoka. We’re earth-friendly and inspired by the nature that surrounds us. It doesn’t mean we don’t fly blooms in but it does mean we can combine them with local varietals for a look that’s truly Muskoka and one of a kind.

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For whatever reason you choose Muskoka and area, we’re glad you do! From Barrie and Collingwood’s metropolitan chic in the country to Muskoka’s laidback luxury, there’s a look and wedding feel for everyone in cottage country.

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