Wedding Trends from Cottage Country

When I think of weddings in cottage country, I don’t think “trendy” so much as natural, organic, original and heartfelt. That’s the essence of a Muskoka wedding and something we strive to bring to every celebration.

That said, we do see some things happening time and again for cottage country celebrations that truly do make them feel one of a kind.

Our Top 5 Cottage Country Wedding Trends:

1. Go Au Naturale
We’ve said it before but it bears repeating – the best way to symbolize laidback luxury in Muskoka and cottage country is embracing it! Choose local/seasonal blooms and greens, even your catering. Seek out items that are made, purchased and created in cottage country (like raw honey, jam or even linen)!

2. Get Outdoors
While an indoor reception just makes a lot of sense (think bug season), you’ll also want to make sure you get outside with your guests for ceremony, cocktails or both. Utilize the great outdoors with a pre-wedding swimming session, outdoor bbq supper or trail hike. Make the most of the locale you’re in!

3. Lighting is Magic
Save pinspots for fancy ballrooms in the city, for Muskoka and Cottage Country, seek out Edison bulbs, twinkle lights and even candlelight for an added magic touch to the already brilliant stars. Romantic and beautiful, just like Muskoka!

4. Save The Heels
Barefoot or flats, save your heels for the city streets and opt for luxurious lower-maintenance footwear for your big day. Whether you’re walking cobblestones, lawn or beachfront path, no need for the heels that get stuck – take a more laidback approach.

5. Weekend Memories
It’s rare that a Muskoka or Cottage Country wedding is just the wedding. Bringing your guests for the weekend allows for ice hockey games, beach days, hikes, bikes and ziplines. Embrace the adventure and engage your guests in a weekend of memories and not just a single day!

For whatever reason you choose Muskoka and Cottage Country – embrace the diversity and beauty of this area for the most magical wedding.. ever!

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